Aug 1, 2011
Karhu (All reviews)
Like others, I saw the anime first. I thought it was quite good and started to look for the manga for alternative ending. Well, I found a lot more.

First, I don't cry, ever. My eyes get little wet sometimes but that's all. Well, that was before I started reading Byousoku 5 Centimeter. After the first 2 chapters I had no choice but to take a break. My eyes were something similar to waterfall during the first reading session.

After reading more chapters (and taking some more breaks) I found feelings I didn't know to exist. Romance is so dramatic, beautiful and pure that it makes me wanna go out to the rain and sing Red Light Pledge (and I don't even know the words).

Art is made by Seike, Yukiko. They have not made other mangas but I sure hope they will do in the future. What I'm trying to say is that the art is really awesome. By awesome I mean perfect.

When I wacthed the anime I found some characters rather annoying. That's all gone in the manga. Couldn't really ask for better characters. So, again, perfect would be the right word to choose.

I loved the manga. It gave me much more than I asked, it will stay on my heart forever.