Jun 26, 2021
Time for a quick review. Every time Rightstuf has an anime sale, my buddies and I always look for garbage that they basically give away for free. That's how I bought Dark Cat for 2 dollars. Last week, my friend got Fighting Foodons. I of course bought the new special edition of Chargeman Ken, so I could watch Dr. Volga explode in HD.

So what is Fighting Foodons? This series is a low budget parody of Pokemon from 2001. Master chefs do battle with magical monsters made of food. Just like in Pokemon, the monsters all repeat their names incessantly and have special moves. In the first episode, the dark chef summons a giant kaiju cow called Beef Steak that has atomic breath reason.

As I mentioned above, this series is a low budget parody made to get some cheap laughs. It's supposed to be stupid. Unfortunately, this got adapted by 4kids who changed it from a low effort parody to a low effort ripoff. Now instead of Scary Movie, it's Atlantic Rim. Of course there is some attempted humor in the 4kids dub. That entirely comes in the form of G rated dad jokes. Prepare to cringe yourself to death!

So what's good about Fighting Foodons? The original voice of Meowth is in it and plays multiple characters. God rest Maddie Blaustein and her glorious Brooklyn Jewish accent. She was taken from us far too soon!

Is there any other reason to watch this? There's a morbid humor to be found that this exists in the first place and that we got a dub of it in America. Bakemonogatari is one of the most popular anime in the world and we never got a dub. Tatami Galaxy is perhaps the most critically acclaimed anime of the last decade and we never got a dub. Even though a dub of Tatami would vastly improve the viewing experience for anyone who reads at under 700 words per minute. Hell, I might actually be able to show that anime to one of my offline friends! Instead, we got a dub of Fighting Foodons! This anime is still ranked in the bottom 50 worst anime all time over on Anime News Network. Fighting Foodons isn't ranked quite as low as Kimera, but it's currently tied with Master of Martial Hearts if that says anything!
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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