Jun 10, 2021
ThatRantGuy (All reviews)
Look, I'll get straight to the point with this review, in a world full of high school romcoms where the Protagonists have a constant "will they, will they not get together" type of deal it is very refreshing to see a show that just shows you the daily life of an already married couple. This is one of the most wholesome animes I've ever watched, the art style really helps it too. The story wasn't anything innovative but for a slice of life-ish romcom it was still different from the norm. The art is outstanding, really cute character designs that really drive home the wholesomeness of this show, that being said, it suffered a little bit from making certain characters (such as Nasa) look way too young for my taste. The music again is nothing groundbreaking, and like with most anime you probably won't even realize it is there. Of course that also means it wasn't bad at any point. Now, getting to my biggest issue and why my character rating is so low compared to all the other ones, enter Chitose. Chitose plays the heroine's little sister, obviously since we're talking about anime this means she absolutely needs to:

1. Be a loli
2. Have the absolute worst attitude ever
3. Have a sister complex to the point where she even says she wants to marry her sister.

Here is the thing: for a one or even two episode gig, fine I buy it, but this annoying, spoiled little brat was on screen for like half the episodes. She gets more screen time than anyone at the bath house! And she doesn't even serve any sort of purpose other than to annoy the crap out of her sister and constantly demonstrate how much of a good guy Nasa is (which the girls at the bath house already do). Anyways she is straight up unlikable, and if the bits with the main characters weren't so good she would have easily ruined this whole show.

Conclusion: if you are looking for a refreshing take on anime romcoms and/or just want an anime that will have you constantly smiling (except for any second Chitose is on screen) then by all means go ahead and give this a watch, but don't expect an exuberant amount of character development or a revolutionary story. The way I see it, it is as much of a slice of life as it is a romcom.

PS: Note that everything written here is solely based on the current 12 episodes of the anime with no knowledge of the manga. Furthermore, there were many plot points (such as the main girl's backstory) that were left unresolved and could appear in future seasons/movies.