Jun 10, 2021
RelayZero (All reviews)
Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
Story: 3
I honestly have no clue why people are giving the story such a high rating. This is basically a slice of life anime mixed with Attack on Titan, so the "plot" is nonexistent until the last few episodes. The story is revolved around Eren trying to take revenge on Titans because one of them ate his cheeseburger. But let's be honest, it's a parody and a comedy. It wasn't meant to have a new, interesting plot.

Art: 6
The character designs are pretty good. However, I'm not a big fan of the background art. The Titans all look great, especially the Colossal Titan.

Sound: 6
The opening theme song incorporates the first opening from Season 1 with the Westminster Chime, the chime played in schools that signals the beginning and end of classes. I think that's a really nice touch and it fits the school theme nicely. The ending theme song is pretty standard, but it's a great song nonetheless. My main issue is that you can't use action music for comedic fighting. Good attempt.

Character: 5
The characters' personalities are taken from the main series, then exaggerated to make it more amusing. This worked out fairly well, and it was hilarious to watch Mikasa become depressed after Eren overslept. But again, this is a comedy and parody so there's no character development.

Enjoyment: 7
This is one of the only comedy anime where I actually laughed. Instead of sprinkling in a few corny one-liners every now and then, this show's humor actually makes sense.

Overall: 5
This anime goes in a whole different direction than the original series. If you want to lighten up your mood, I would recommend watching one or two episodes. If you're looking for a good storyline, just stick to the main series.