Jun 10, 2021
KeelaKween23 (All reviews)
If you like science, world-saving adventures, and large casts of hilarious characters you should watch this anime. Before I continue, I want to point out that MAL’s description of Dr. Stone may be a little misleading. They focus too much on Taiju and his confession to his crush and so on, that which makes Senku (the real protagonist) not seem like an important MC. As a matter of fact, Taiju will not be seen for most of the series due to events in this first season. So don’t go into the show thinking you’re gonna follow Taiju as he saves the world and tries to get the girl, ‘cause it isn’t all about that. I guess I’m just telling you this because I went into the series thinking it WOULD be like that to which I was surely surprised, but maybe you are already smarter than me and I didn’t really need to warn you lol.
Anyway, I’ve read all the manga currently available and I absolutely love how they executed its anime to the point I’d call it my favorite shōnen series. The story at first seems real fast to me but then all of sudden slams the brakes. I won’t complain much about it, however, it did feel like I waited a long time for the “main event” (per se) of the story arc to occur. Every episode was still exciting though and left me anxious for the next episode. Character development is a little slow but I think it’s only that way because it’s a long story (when you read the manga) and the individual personalities are so vibrant anyway that I ended up not needing much information about them because I just found them so entertaining.
After watching this season and the newest season (Stone Wars), I’m genuinely excited to see the next story arcs animated and cannot wait to hear Senku’s amazing voice actor, lol. I hope you can enjoy this awesome show too.