Jul 28, 2011
stonnyfor (All reviews)
Ayatsuri Sakon is anime about a young boy puppet master who is skilled at using puppets and soliving cases involving murder.

The story of Ayatsuri Sakon is About A Young shy boy named Sakon and his puppet Ukon getting involved in some weird cases involing murder and it is up to them to solve these cases. The story is really kool becasue its not episodic but instead they are like 3 or 4 episode arcs which is really different than im use to. Its like watching a mini movie every arc.

Art/animation: 9
The art and animiation were great it had that old school anime feel. Characters were animated well and so were the areas and places.

I didn't pay to much attention to the sound but the opening and ending were decent and music in the episodes had that mystery and murder feel to it.

I really think the only chacters get developed are Sakon and Ukon. there are different characters in every arc and some recurring charcters like Sakon's aunt and cameraman friend. Sakon is a shy and smart character and he uses his puppet to help him say stuff that he wouldn't say.

I really enjoyed this series from start to finish. It was really enjoyable how people interacted with Sakon and his Puppet Ukon. It had me wondering if the puppet was a dual personality or just a way to express himself.

Overall :9
If you like mystery anime and want to try something a little different this is a good anime to pick up. This anime has some unique cases and a differnt approach to solving them. you should give it a try.