Jun 10, 2021
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Informative review

Narratives follow as:

Ep 1: Tomozaki and his friend's spend some time at a restaurant Kikuchi happens to work in. They were having a blast most of the time saying general gossip, at the end, there was some Tomozaki and Kikuchi interaction (via text) if you want some of that.

Ep 2: Follows Hanabi, Aoi, and Minami, flashbacking to their past together of how they met. Then having a good time watching the fireworks.

These are more add-ons to the story. They are quite enjoyable, worth your time if you seek more content considering their time efficiency alongside. These specials also manage to retain their quality from the actual parent story, so I would imagine people would give off a similar reaction to these specials as you did with whatever you thought about the main story. I suppose these specials do well in deepening characters giving more insight as to who they are, but again, it comes under side-content, no idea if this is even canon.

If you just have nothing to watch and you've already seen the main story, I would give these a try. Generally harmless, and do a good job at showing something more of these high schoolers lives in a fun fashion.