Jun 10, 2021
MrMadZombie (All reviews)
Overall guilty crown is an okay show if you aren't looking for the next big thing or a true masterpiece go ahead and watch it.
Please note there will be some spoilers past this point.

Character: 4/10

I rate the characters a 4/10 due to the lack of any depth to them both the Male and Female lead have very plain backstories that can be often semi confusing at times. For the first half of the show, the backstories don't have too much importance. The Male lead often feels strange and emotionless until he has sudden outbursts that cause him substantial amounts of trouble often his reactions feel unrealistic. The Female Lead doesn't feel like a character and more like an object her reactions lack depth and are predictable giving very little meaning to her relationship with the Male lead. A lot of the female side characters appear to be there only to die, cause more problems, or act as objects for male fantasy (Not a problem if this is what you want).

Story: 4/10

The 2nd half of the show feels unneeded and faked only demonstrating another one of the Male Leads' mental declines. It feels like they should have expanded more on the first half of the story and had 2-3 more episodes after what is currently the middle of the show. The lack of necessity for the majority of the second half of the story is similar to sword art online. The ending of the show leaves you feeling empty due to the fact the male lead doesn't seem to achieve his goal. The ending is all overly dramatic with a bunch of build-up at the start all for it to crushed and rendered unimportant before the episode is even near the climax.

Art: 8/10

The show looks great with amazing art and an art style featuring many contrasting tones. It goes against the norm of making the "bad guys" red and the "good guys" blue or green when it comes to the clothing and the design of the opposing forces. The art has its fair share of bright moments and dark.

Sound: 7/10

I'm, not the best when it comes to music but overall I enjoyed the soundtrack.

Enjoyment: 7/10

I enjoyed the show. For all the flaws it has, it is still entertaining and is an okay show to watch if you don't care about the quality too much.

Overall: 6/10