Apr 13, 2008
billy_oniisan (All reviews)
Final Approach is probably ONE OF THE BEST, if not the best there is, anime of its genre. For those who would like to make a review for this series, pls watch all the episodes first before doing so.

[Story]: The story, I admit, seemed uninteresting at first, but got better and better as the story progressed. It got my interest, probably because of of its comedy-romance genre mix-up.

[Art]: What more can I say? The anime character art that I've always loved. How they mixed the typical anime characters with chibis versions was very interesting. That really gave the series a great comedy twist...

[Sound]: The sounds in this anime (opening, ending, and insert songs, the seiyuus) got my attention, especially the insert songs. To how they chose the songs and how to place and insert them in certain scenes was very astounding... I don't know how they did that, but they really did a great job. Also, the seiyuus really gave life to their respective characters.

[Character]: Character plots and personalities made this anime quite fun to watch. All of the characters had their own unique traits and personalities that (surprisingly) complemented each other. The most noticeable personality would be the ultimate "sibling love" of the main character towards his sister (ooops! Almost made a spoiler there... ^_^), but IT'S NOT INCEST...

[Enjoyment]: Throughout the series, the development of the story and the situations of the characters made me "long for more" (want to watch the next episode right away).

For an overall rating, I'm giving it a 9. I recommend this anime to all! Happy watching.