Jun 4, 2021
Preliminary (8/24 eps)
Such a boring show, typical time travelling, middle school gangs who look like adults, goofy mc, no emotion this show it the defenition of a hype train.

Or so a fool would say...

This spring season has been producing amazing and interesting shows but for me tokyo revengers takes the cake here. Our protagnist Takemitchi is on a mission to save Hina from her destined fate and has to work back in time solving events in order to stop the inevitable.

What intrests me the most about this show is the way our protagnists wants to protect his girlfriend but 8 episodes in and hes already growing bonds with others, I've grown attached to characters like Mikey and Draken for their badass persona and their flucating relationship always has me on the edge of my seat because you know at the back of your mind that there will be a domono effect on events.

The story is super compelling and has me intrested a few episodes in. The plot twists, turns and cliff hangers reminds me of watching attack on titan for the first time. We know that the main mission is to save Hina but boy oh boy are there some intresting obstacles that takemitchi has to execute almost perfectly.

The art is really nice and if im not mistaken this is a pretty new studio and has done an excellent job on creating vibrant colors especially shown in the intro. Aswell as this, this sound is absolutelty fitting and a pleasure to hear.

The characters are really likeable and were only 8 episodes in. Theyre really intresting to learn about and there are so many more which im eager to discover aswell as the roots of Toman gang. Also, they are almost representative of gangs (not for middle schoolers lol) and really shows the Japanese side of things which is always super cool to learn.

Overall, the enjoyment for this show is super high and always cant wait for it on saturdays after nagatoro, vivy, 86. and mha. I have high hopes for this show and cannot wait for ep 9.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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