Jun 1, 2021
TheDampGod (All reviews)
Mewkledreamy is a cute and wholesome show, filled with upbeat shenanigans. Mixing slice of life with magical girl adventure, I felt it was better at the former than the later. The magical girl stuff feeling a bit repetitive and mainly there to sell Sanrio merch, where as the SoL stuff was way more enjoyable.

Characters are all fun, with lively voice work and distinctive designs. Villains are endearing in a classic Team Rocket way and part of me wanted to see them succeed. The bright art with surprisingly strong animation is great to watch, while the backgrounds are filled with little gags and details.

The show is very episodic though and the overarching plot is pretty basic. But if just a nice and relaxed anime to chill too, you'll enjoy this. I kind of wish they had taken some plot elements further as character development is pretty minor, but this is aimed at children, so this was never going to go serious.