May 28, 2021
NextUniverse (All reviews)
Simplicity is something I find everyone seems to enjoy. The very presence of simple things is great to spend time in. Check out most loved waifus, or how a ton of people really enjoyed Your Name and Demon Slayer movie, maybe it alludes to psychological reasons, I honestly have no clue. But one thing is for sure is that simplicity is amazing.

Though simplicity is not prone to size, as I will explain, they apply to hidden gems too, one of which is the title "Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan". A manga that is nothing short of simplicity done well.

The story? Not really any to speak of. The characters? Probably as basic as generic tropes. But does that make this manga bad? Of course not. Even if there isn't much to speak of, the entire point of this manga is just a common nice man and his wonder cat doing daily stuff together. It is honestly way better than what I watered it down to be. You wouldn't have guessed something as simple as this would be so engaging.

As for art, it has colours and has this modern blob-esque art design to it. The pink really help out setting the mood for the manga too. Nothing more to shout with art but it is quite captivating.

As for enjoyment, I literally have no clue as to how one cannot enjoy this. I don't mean to say that to offend. I genuinely would like to know how one would get on a level lower than this being "boring", obviously, if you find stories that go nowhere boring, then this is not your cup of tea. But this manga does really well in what it presents.

I would recommend this. It is literally one page 4-koma chapters, very little dialogue, cute, sweet, wholesome, and overall a nice read. It is not finished publishing so consider when you will read this. Anyways, 9/10.