Jul 22, 2011
ManlyTears (All reviews)
I can’t believe people has dubbed this most intellectual and complex to have come to anime. This is pretty much all talk and an unoriginal generic war story. Basically it follows two homos and a guy who drinks tea on death star. These three are your typical “fight against the man because they are corrupted” characters. Of course everyone is corrupted because apparently humanity always ruins itself in the future. Humanity is split apart so our heroes must re-unite the universe, lame. If this was like 50 episodes I would probably rate this 7 and consider recommending to people.

This anime pretty much consists of dialogue that people claim to be complex and deep but is actually boring and made up of re-used history quotes.

I am going to pull a LoGH right now,

“One cannot taste bitter until one has tasted sweet.” -Confucius

“I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars” –The Flobots

“For the moth will eat them up like a garment, and the worm will eat them like wool” –Isiah 8

“They ask me why I do it? Cause I’m the fkin man” -Belly

I guarantee you a bunch of LoGH fans just saluted me with tea in the air and pinkie’s up.

There are like 100 characters and 90% of them die with incredible stupidity. All the bad guys are pretty much lame and underdeveloped. They die a dog’s death and never even put up a good fight. All I saw was victory after victory with no conflict. The only interesting battles are when some blonde woman battles a dorky looking blue haired guy.

The art and animation is pretty lame, movements are stiff and pretty much everyone is ugly.

The sound is the best part of this anime. It uses a lot of classical music which really fits sophisticated intellectuals like me. I really hate everyone’s voices though because they all sound emotionless throughout the entire 110 episodes.

A lot of people like comparing this to Code Geass and I don’t know why because Code Geass is a million times better. All the fanboys think that Reinhard is better but if Lelouch was there then he would should who is boss.

Firstly, if some girly looking 18 year old guy can break onto Reinhard’s flagship with an axe then Lelouch, an 18 year old with the power of kings and a Gawain mecha with inbuilt hadron cannons could easily rip apart Reinhard’s flagship. But Reinhard would be extremely useful if under Lelouch’s command so he wouldn’t kill Reinhard.
Since Reinhard is so GAR he would just sit there in his chair waiting to be influenced by the power of geass. He wouldn’t use any headgear to block his eyes because of his gar pride. Then Lelouch would not only be Emperor of Britannia but also Kaiser of the Galactic Empire, and he would rule the entire universe.

Dammmmmmnnnnn a bunch of LoGH fanboys are crying right now and I’m just sitting here sipping on Yang’s tea.

If you want to be bored out of your mind and live in stale air for 110 episodes then go ahead and watch LoGH. By the time you finish you will probably have pale skin from the lack of sunlight. The ending is really crappy too, I was crying manly tears because I wasted so much time on this lame anime.