Jul 21, 2011
helur (All reviews)
Health Lessons for 30 year olds is an odd show. Well, of course it is - it's suppose to be education and enjoyable. So I might be slightly insane for watching it in the eyes of others, but it was slightly surprising… It was funny?

Yes, knowing that nobody would watch an educational program like this, they decided to make this a comedy. Introducing a tip on romance the characters usually ignore it as the sex gods, who have come to ensure the virgins succeed, squabble amongst themselves how they will never finish their job. A combination of tsukkomi, parodies, and a lot of randomness I never felt compelled to drop 30-sai.

As a comedy the story is rather insignificant - it revolves around two virgins and their sex gods who are trying to find them a soul mate. The tips are always incorporated into a joke so you remember them. By the end it didn't really serve its purpose as I only remember one of them: "Keep eye contact for 10 seconds at a time."

The characters aren't bad. The god's definitely have personality which is the only way this show is watchable. The couple are okay, of course you might not empathize with 30 year old virgins depending on how nice of a person you are. The girl is slightly androphobic or tsundere, and the male is what is easily classifiable as a typical male lead. In fact the synopsis is right, the love is rather pure as there is really low amount of fan service. They just don't show much that needs to be censored. They do have a lot of language censored, but the voiceover, I am convinced is Wakamoto Norio, can be humorous. Personally I never paid enough attention to make it out, but others on the forums were enjoying them.

30-sai was an okay watch. I picked it up on a whim, but it is neither very educational nor very funny. I am not sure if I would recommend it, actually I wouldn't since there are a lot of things out there to watch, but it wouldn't burn your eyes out if you did either.

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