May 4, 2021
MazinIndian (All reviews)
KNY is the most dominant name in anime market for the past 2 years and now movie is just breaking records after records and manga is best selling of all times.

(***Spoilers ahead***)

So movie must be amazing in every aspect that it should classify as a masterpiece but sadly it's not.

Mind you i read the whole manga before i watched the movie, maybe that diminished the effects of movie as i already knew what's gonna happen and reading that particular arc never irked my interest to consider rengoku as an important character as he was introduced in that arc and in 10 chapter he died so his back story didn't made that mark in my memory. Plus this same arc felt unnecessary tbh as they could have legit used rengoku elsewhere flushing out his personality and him as a hashira.

However in movie due to it being presented in visual format with music and animation they made this arc worth watching and how they handled the rengoku character, his personality and how he played his part.

Apart from that other character are as same as they are in the anime and there is nothing interesting about them, like tanjiro's dream sequence where he meets his family members and it was an emotional thing for tanjiro but for anyone who don't know his family it came out as "meh" as honestly we don't know about his family at all and presenting it to us showing how much he miss them doesn't make any sense as we are not attached to these characters in any form whatsoever.

Now zenitsu and inosuke did what they are best at, and nezuko just felt like she is there for the fanservice, the demon enmu is pure bland and single dimensional villian as he made no sense and why he is there.

Akaza the upper moon 3, holy shit his entry, his style and his music is so badass, i just love that guy as i know his backstory and he is by far my favourite demon in kny and i am happy his little screen time did him justice. Me giving this movie 6 is just because i love akaza, otherwise it's 5 at best.

Whole movie is visual orgasm mixed with great music and god tier animation so much so and mind you this is a problem here as i never felt that i am watching a movie and it felt that it's just 5-6 episode compilation not a movie.

KNY is very well done anime, despite having source material being mediocre at best and this proves the supremacy of ufotable who just destroyed the box office with such a fantastic animation, so much so that it changed the work ethic of every studio and now they are also pumping up their work.

No matter how much anyone hate on KNY franchise in general it will establish itself as one of the classics in coming years and with movie breaking records after records, all it's successor will have to work hard and also need the overhype factor to achieve this level in the coming future.