May 4, 2021
ttmeng (All reviews)
This is a Josei adaptation that reads a lot like a kdrama scenario. Highly recommend this if you are into romance, kdramas, or shoujo/josei manga.

Here's what this does well. The characters are done well. The characters, mainly the main couple, actually grows throughout the series. Their dynamic changes and these characters are three dimensional. A lot of the naysayers haven't even watched this anime in its entirety yet and are just trolling. The romance of will-they-won't-they is done very carefully. The premise is absurd and this is following the trend of age gap romances like the kdrama Goblin, but done better with tighter characterizations.

Ichika saves Ryo from falling down the stairs at the subway. She also offers him her bento when she hears he didn't have breakfast. It starts off as your typical Romcom. Ryo is considered an ikemen: he has a job and is the good looking dude who is a playboy until he meets Ichika. Ichika on the other hand has no interest at first, which is highly refreshing. This is coming from someone who just binged Bridgerton. They meet again when they realize that Ryo is her best friend's older brother. From there on, he tries to win her over. He calls her because she doesn't pick up her phone. He sends her flowers, which doesn't work. All his tricks that he used to pick up girls from before aren't working. You then find out Rio, her best friend, helps out her brother in getting close to Ichika. He wants to find out more about her. Rio does warn him that he shouldn't hurt her. From there, you learn more about Rio's family dynamics and her relationship to her brother.

The episodes are short so it is an easy watch that is geared to women/kdrama/jdrama fans.

Typically it's easier for Japan to just adapt a popular josei manga into a jdrama instead of a higher budgeted anime. This is refreshing to watch because of the hilarity that ensues from there. Ryo isn't a creep. He's a dude who is trying to date a girl who he doesn't see at work. I had a friend who had this guy send her gifts daily when he was trying to date her. They meet up like in a kdrama frequently - the whole what a coincidence you're here! The romance is done very carefully. The only thing he's done is hugged her when she trips, and held her hand when they meet at the movies. I mean haven't you seen kdramas???

The age gap doesn't bother me at all because of the way it is handled and how well written the characterizations are. Ichika is mature and I love how disinterested she is at Ryo's attempts at being romantic. None of his tricks work on her. This is on trend.

We need more josei animes!

I've seen more messed age gap "romances" that are clearly geared to the male gaze, instead of the female gaze so this is refreshing.