May 4, 2021
ShrikeGG (All reviews)
Death Note is fuckin awesome and I'll break down everything so you can go in blind and hopefully enjoy it as much as I have
Note* I have watched death Note in the past and am on a rewatch as of writing this review so some things might not be totally clear at this current moment

We'll start with what is probably the weakest area about death Note and that is it's visuals that being the character background and set design, visual style, animation quality etc. And while none of these are bad in any regard some of the character and set design are decidedly uninspired with most of the show taking place in a few relatively mundane locations which while well lit and memorable I'm unsure if that is because of the quality of the sets or just me getting stockholm syndrome from watching Light monologue about how smart he is for the 15th time regardless the sets while grounded and realistic are decidedly pretty boring and the same is true with the character design which while characters central to the main story have some attention put in L, Chief Yagami and Misa come to mind characters not immediately associated with the plot and surprisingly Light have pretty drab outfits and don't draw much attention that being said the Shinigami in the show are very memorable and look great so while not the strongest I've seen it's decidedly not bad at all either. In terms of style the show is pretty basic it kind of fits the mold of the standard of anime which isn't bad it's just basic

The writing is probably the shows strong point although the ending does leave much to be desired but I don't think anyone who's heard of death Note will have not heard about the quality of the ending the character and moment to moment writing especially between Light and L is fantastic and the 2 play off each other beautifully as they both attempt to out smart one another it's truly a master class in a foil and character dialogue the show never comes off as too smart for you either and when twists come around they make sure to give you the information that lets you think about it before it happens characters have believable goals and intentions and the show isn't afraid to drop portions of the cast when they are no longer relevant to the immediate story. Once the situation escalates members of the police force leave to be with their families etc. I can't really think of a particular weak point in the writing as a whole aside from the obvious I suppose that some people might find Light an irritating protagonist but that's the point you're not supposed to like Light Yagami he is literally a merciless murderer but there is no way to learn about Shinigami and the Death Note without Light as the main character he is a bit of a douche but that's the point is what im saying

Lastly is the music and general sound design

The soundtrack slaps and is filled with amazing mood setting tracks. The show isn't a shonen it doesn't have awesome bangers but it does have really strong tone setting music and the intro song is pretty good if a little weird imo but thats besides the point my only real complaint is that the dub is pretty mediocre at times some characters sound kinda weird and not very convincing but if you watch sub like I did the first time I watched the show it's nbd there is also this one sound effect they use on the title card and it's wayyyy overused as like the violin sound effect in gordan ramsey shows if u know, u know.

Overall probably a strong 8 to a light 9 I'd give it an 8.5 of I could very strong writing which is what I value most in an anime as I'm sure most do most of the rest of the components of the show are pretty mediocre overall but it's not distracting by any means and it's a show I'd 100% recommend to someone starting out to anime. Maybe not their first show but maybe their 5th or 6th very strong fundamentals etc.