Apr 12, 2008
Ione (All reviews)
If you’re looking for a High School drama filled with yearning romance, hilarious situations, quite pretty art and boys who are (or think they are) gay, then this is the manga for you! There are photo shoots, bullying, beaches, treasure hunts, sports, with a little bit of alcohol and cross-dressing on the side. Great fun!

Story: For the story, I give it an 8. It was a good tale, if a little on the stale side with some of the plotlines. But only some! The overall ‘Girl likes Guy in High School’ plot is mixed up a bit with the main character (Mizuki) pretending to be a boy, with just the right amount of Drama and Angst to keep a reader interested. And the best thing about the story? It’s complete!

Art: I must give it a 9! Beautiful artwork. The boys all look very pretty, but don’t expect much from the backgrounds. I mean, they're not bad, but they are not the main focus. The focus in this manga is mostly on the characters – which are gorgeous I must say again. There are some SD parts when the characters are flipping out, but they don’t dominate the story, and the silliness of the artwork at those times adds to the humour. Very nice overall!

Character: Ahhh, the characters... Definitely a 10! I think the characters were the reason I was able to finish this manga so fast! I absolutely love dramatic interactions between the people in the stories I read, and this has it all! There are relationships that range from romantic to fanatic and back again. Great stuff.

Enjoyment: 9! I loved this manga so much, that when I found out that there was a real-life TV show of it in Japan, I watched as many episodes I could find online at the time... Oh dear me, I’m surprised that the shininess and the cheesiness didn’t kill me. But yes, I really enjoyed it. :D

Overall, I give this manga a 9. I thought it was a great manga, and well worth a casual read if you’re ever in the mood for a humour/romance shoujo manga.

I hope this was helpful! :D