Apr 18, 2021
ramendrilla (All reviews)

*Very Minor Spoilers*

Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga: The romance anime, set in a school mass hiring paedophilic teachers with the most profound dumb (un)luck? The anime that puts teacher and student in situations that defy all sense of logic and realism to convey an almost non existent story, but oh wait! There is boobies!

Story 2/10
Nande koko ni sensei ga is yet another fetish show this time on taboo relationships - Teacher X Student. Three dense main characters and a shota embark on their thrilling quest to confess love to their teachers. That's the entire plot so how can they make that interesting in 12 episodes? Boobies.
It replaces development of the story with fanservice and unconstrained ecchi, does absolutely nothing special to differentiate itself from countless other shows almost identical in format. Panty shots, nip slips, waifu bait, females who moan whenever they are touched, an awful censored version and half assed emotional moments. It's a 12 year olds utopia! But sadly, I'm not 12 so instead of beating my meat I watched this shit in awe pondering how a sane human could possibly choreograph such ridiculous scenes. I don't have the vocabulary to express how utterly absurd this show is. It's 12 episodes of situations that could never happen in real life, its not creative more desperate: they try find any possibility to fit an ecchi moment in the situations that they're originally in and come up with some of the dumbest scenes you'll ever witness. I would honestly call this closer to a comedy due to how stupid this show takes itself. Teacher jumps in the ocean, happens to have venomous sea snakes, he offers to suck out the venom, she happens to get bitten next to her genitals, so he follows through accordingly. Kid gets a happy meal and doesn't get the toy he wants, the teacher offers to trade toys with the kid, they trade the toy is thrown in the air lands inside her bra, the child then hugs her as a thank you, it starts vibrating on her nipple then the teachers potential counterpart bends down to put the umbrella over her and the handle goes on her genitals and she orgasms in front of two children and a teenage boy. enough? no, want more? Guy sits in the cold and gets light headed then straight up gives this teacher head because he's thirsty. No that seriously happens, isn't that a little too unrealistic? and by the end of the show you're desensitised so it just gets predictable and boring as this happens about 3 times an episode.

Characters 2/10
Meet Satou Ichirou, a braindead nerd that's too dense to understand that his teacher who kissed him actually l-l-likes him!?!? There is really nothing to talk in terms of Satou as a character because everything I just explained is his entire personality, but that's not it. The worst character is his mum, now I don't know about anyone else but my mum didn't desperately encourage me to have sex with older woman and make me give her grandchildren as a 17 year old boy. Well I guess they had to make it legal so they added a parent who encouraged it, but she didn't encourage it she borderline peer pressured her own son to have sex with someone. Instead of developing her character and giving an explanation as to why she's rushing her son into having sex so young, they leave us completely in the dark making it painfully obvious that she's just cash grab waifu bait in the off chance this anime became wildly popular. Kojima Kana otherwise known as "Kojima the demon" is a teacher known for her rash and cruel methods of teaching, this may have been an underlying metaphor for not judging someone off how everyone perceives them, oh who am I kidding this is nande koko ni sensei ga. The thing that frustrated me most was instead of having a natural voice change they have two completely juxtaposing voices: shouting furious, the voice of a damn loli. I understand they're appealing to horny 12 year olds but I doubt they need their hand held so much that you'd begin to believe this teacher has multiple personality disorder. As you progress the story the characters get more tropey and easier to condense descriptions to a sentence or two. Big angry looking man, kind in the inside, Shota boy who's matured, shy virgin boy and a dense omega virgin. Small teacher with loli features, very shy. Free willed teacher who's immature and a tsundere who doesn't understand shame; strips in public. All with they're ridiculous nicknames e.g. "Holy Mother Matsukaze" and "Absolute Zero Tachibana"

Art 5/10
Relatively average new-gen art style and animation, environments are on the most part quite nice and consistent. Nothing much to say here its nothing to hate this anime for but also nothing to really praise it for either.

sound 5/10
Music is extremely average on the whole besides one or two relatively good songs on the ost, but their placement of the songs are absolutely dreadful - Bra gets undone by accident, calming jazz music! Guy has to suck venom out of a girls genitals - sad piano music! I really didn't like the opening sequence and the ending song was quite good in my opinion.

Enjoyment 4/10
If you try desperately hard to ignore the boat load of flaws thrown into your face and take this show as stupid as it takes itself, then you can get a decent amount of enjoyment from it. The first few episodes were very enjoyable, you weren't desensitised from the absurd scenes so you could keep guessing and start laughing at the unreasonable moments, but as you progress the story you begin to be able to guess what's going to happen and if you guess wrong you're still not surprised with the outcome. Overall it accounted to a 4 as you'll speed through the first 6 episodes and then it will just gradually fall to slow pace despite the 10 minute episodes.

Overall 3/10
Definitely not the worst anime I've ever watched but I have watched a higher amount of better animes then I have worse. Nothing much else to say here the rest is said above.