Apr 7, 2021
ldirichlet (All reviews)

Made In Abyss is a great show that you should not watch. The best course of action is to hear about how good it is but never actually watch it. Why? Because the show is cursed, just like the Abyss.

Is this a good show? Objectively speaking, yes. The story can be a bit slow, but it's incredibly engaging as it gains momentum. The adventure into the Abyss, backed by absolutely amazing art, is one of the few shows out there that truly gave me a sense of wonder. Characters are the weakest aspect of the show, but it's decent enough to not be annoying. In many ways, Made in Abyss is quite similar to the Expanse, another show with great production value, the wonder of exploration, and relatively weak characters.

Made in Abyss differs from the Expanse, however, by the absolute darkness that resides within its story. It's the polar opposite of a pixar movie. It gave me more despair than real life. I would rather do my homework than watch the next season. In fact, most of the episodes are quite cheerful. But there are a few moments that are so disturbing they dwarf anything else. I simply cannot get a couple scenes out of my head and if I can erase my memory I will very definitely do that. The show is so disturbing that I simply cannot enjoy it anymore. The experience has become dreadful, and thus I strongly recommend against it. You really, really don't need this in your life.