Apr 7, 2021
nutmaster90 (All reviews)
Why i dropped it within the first 10 minutes. I started the series because i heard it had a good female lead who wasn't over sexualized. I don't think the person who said that understands what sexualization is, you don't have to be naked to be sexualized. Every 1-4 minutes i see the main lead's underwear who is a minor in shots that are so unneeded. There is also a really long SA scene (i'm sure it wasn't that long but it felt like it) and it made me uncomfortable. I feel like they should have either kept that scene and have a different shot facing away from it or focus on something else or not on the scene directly. Or take that section out entirely and have her beat the cop or it not be present at all. I'm sure the plot is probably amazing but i got uncomfortable and had to turn it off.

The only things i can say i enjoyed were the art, voice acting ,character designs and the overall idea otherwise i could not enjoy it.