Apr 7, 2021
nutmaster90 (All reviews)
I love this show but i do see and hear everyone's points on the matter of sexim and transphobic and homophobic hints in the show. It definitely something you have to push through but can't deny it is there. Nostalgia is what saves this show in a way since that is the main reason i enjoy it. I do not enjoy the push of gender rolls, it is often brought up but in a way where it is almost laughable . I enjoy the show but i will admit those do hinder my experience. I do appreciate the author cleaning up the anime a bit in terms of the poor words used. I own the box set there are a few lines that stick out. " confused women's disease ", " what can a woman get from being with another woman?'. The second line was kept in for some reason?

Now on to why i enjoyed it as a girl, i personally just find it to be a very carefree show. The aesthetics and the humor is enjoyable for me personally. I just enjoy that it is ridiculous and over the top. I think the main character is great and very likable. Plus everyone likes the idea of just seeing characters be cartoonish. Most of the characters are very enjoyable.

Overall i enjoyed this show for its characters , its carefree attitude and the aesthetics + nostalgia from middle school. I do although dislikes its hints said issues above which i honestly cringe and try to shrug off.