Apr 7, 2021
Samayou_Tamashii (All reviews)

Akame Ga Kill is a really bland and badly written shounen. The episodes are repetitive with the same bad-guys doing bad and the heroes come and kill them thing. The mc is a really dull and uninteresting character in both design and personality. Then there's Night Raid and Jaegars which are filled with shallow and cliché characters doing rubbish all the time. The story was way too simple and not once was there a twist to make things more interesting and captivating. The character development in this anime was basically void, since all the bad characters remain bad and all the good characters remain good till the end. There sure was a lot of scope for character development in this anime, but the writers chose to focus more on unnecessary nonsensical stuff like Esdeath's feelings for Tatsumi. The comedy in this anime is terrible and timed badly. The comedy just comes in suddenly after some serious scenes which just breaks immersion. Probably the only good point about this anime is it's action scenes and op themes. Other than that, everything else in this anime is just trash and terrible.