Jul 12, 2011
Orulyon (All reviews)
Are you tired of reading always shoujo in school settings with a tsundere girl or a fragile whinny protagonist divided between her childhood friend and the most popular guy at school? Well, then this is for you. At first glance it might be mistaken for just another shojo manga, but its definitely not.

Story- Etou Kizuna was a girl driven by money and her group. She ends up meeting two people who will change her life, Yusei and Yuki. A nice pacing and a story that will make you feel divided of which guy you want to end up with her.

Character- The characters are the best. Kizuna is not a girl with a trauma, she is not enraged with life, does not have a mother or father complex. She accepts her loneliness without being too emo. She is not a crybaby and she is not a tsundere. Just a plain normal girl without being clumsy that has very realistic characteristics on her personality. you will love her straightforwardness at times, and she shows a very common type of person nowadays, which is, a person that desires money, yet, her good nature balances her character, making her not superficial, but a realistic protagonist. Admitting her mistakes, makes her very unique. Also, not the type of girl to fall in love at first sight, and does not show the"delicacy" of the typical japanese women. Not the cliché usual shoujo protagonist.
To accompany her, you have two other protagonists, Yuki and Yusei, two cousins that bear each one, a secret.
Yusei is the typical serious hardworking bishie with a cold/ironic attitude most of times, yet he is not the typical cliche tidy perfect guy. He actually does not care about his appearance and most of times lives in his own world. A messy guy who expresses and drowns himself into his paintings.
Yuki is to me, the most interesting character. the opposite of his cousin, Yuki enjoys dressing "herself" in elegant and cute clothes. It is hard to know her true self, yet, you´ll find her sweet:) She also has a little secret, and I love how her character becomes even more adorable when its revealed.

Enjoyment- Great. It gives you a josei-ish feeling even being a shoujo, due the fact that the guys are all young adults while only the girl is a teenager (but she doesn't go to school!!!). Great setting.

Overall- A nice and refreshing love triangle. A well developed story with some mysteries to unveil. As a shoujo fan, i must say this one has became one of my favorites.