Apr 6, 2021
Jun___ (All reviews)
They are fairly good at staying consistent with this season and the last. The overall feel of the world and characters are just as good as the last season and they even started building on the world and organizations working in the background so I enjoyed that a lot.

The characters felt great and their interactions are just as enjoyable as the last season, everything has a good flow to it and feels natural. They handle lewd scenes very well too and even creating comedy that made me laugh more then a few times within those scenes and that is always a bonus.

One issue that carries over to this season is the lack of Main character growth since he is still not really improving in combat at all and usually standing still watching the entire time while someone else is risking their life which just doesn't feel right for the strongest vampire in the world.

I also wish they created some more unique ost for this season instead of reusing the same sounds and songs but it isn't a major turn off since the overall atmosphere is still good its just important to bring attention to reused assets.

Overall this was extremely enjoyable and they manage this large cast very well throughout this season.