Mar 30, 2021
CurryxSake (All reviews)
I-CHU is mediocre. It is not the worst, but it's definitely below average. Although it gave me a positive first impression, it steadily declined with each episode. For a story about students training to become idols, none of those students were likeable or memorable in any way. They often stick to archetypes and the way the show handles their screen time made it even harder to know them better outside of their "idol gimmick". The show couldn't even express their struggles in a way that makes me remotely care about them. The only idol group who I remember the most fondly was ReBeserk. Maybe it's their MCing or eccentric personalities, but every time they talk I was entertained. Even though they're not the main characters and they don't talk as much, I felt more attached to them than the main four groups. There's not much to comment about the Producer and President of the ICHU school other than they are typical adult characters in an idol anime.

This leads to another issue--their soundtrack which was almost nonexistent. The show tends to skim through their songs which made me struggle to see why they deserve to be idols. The songs that were able to come through weren't great either. The finale didn't even give me an impression outside of "meh". To me, the OST is important for an idol anime as it's a reflection to who these characters are. Even though they won't sing as much, as long as that one song was catchy and memorable that's fine.

Production-wise, ICHU is okay. The character designs are nice. The artwork can be pretty at the best moments. Animation can feel stiff at times, but it's fine overall. In fact, it gotten good in the finale.

Overall, ICHU was mediocre but inoffensive. Although it is okay to watch, if you're looking for a good idol anime to watch there are better choices than this.