Mar 30, 2021
Black Clover has probably had the best and most significant turnaround in quality of any anime series I’ve seen so far, and it surely deserves all the praise and hype that it gets now as it trends worldwide more often than not, earning itself (in my book) the title of being a quality shounen series.

I think we can all agree that Black Clover started off quite poorly. Bad voice acting, bad animation, it was just overall shit. Having started later throughout the series’s release (around episode 120), I decided to stick around in the promise of it improving thanks to word of mouth by fans of the series, and it paid off. Little by little, episode after episode, I began to notice that more quality and care was being put into each episode. I began to enjoy this series more and more until I was up to date, going all the way up to the final episode, becoming one of my most anticipated series currently airing, alongside with One Piece and a few other seasonals.

Instead of writing 5 or 6 bullshit paragraphs to fill up space and to seem sophisticated and bash on about the series’s bad points, I’ll sum things up with a list of pros and cons, and it’ll be up to you whether you’ll heed my wisdom and watch the show.

- All the openings are 10/10 bangers
- There are loads of hype fight scenes with excellent animation to match
- Some of the villains and protagonists are excellently written, fleshed out & compelling
- The power scale is balanced well and the characters progress smoothly as the series progresses
- Most members in the Black Bulls get a dedicated arc to flesh their characters out
- All the climactic fight scenes are hype as fuck (kept me glued to the screen)
- Not much fan service pushed in our faces like other shounen series, with exception of a couple of juicy scenes/ending card sprinkled in
- Yami Sukehiro

- Asta’s yelling (though it stops around episode 15 or so)
- Poor animation (until after the first main arc, also due to being a weekly series)
- Some of the smaller villains are just pointless and badly written
- Most of the characters are your standard character tropes
- Not much relationship development as some of the characters are thick as lead or too tsundere and are afraid of rejection
- 17 filler episodes, though considered low for a long running shounen series
- The anime catching up to the manga and having to slow down by introducing an anime canon training arc (before the time skip occurs)
- The smaller character arcs go by too quickly

I could’ve added the point of it being “clichéd”, but that is a superficial argument that could be said about every and any shounen/action series you can think of.

Although it’s sad to see this show end for now, which is sorely needed as the manga needs to get far ahead, I hope this break will prove beneficial for future adaptations of this series if they decide to go with seasonal releases. I’m hoping the series will continue to work it’s magic (pun intended), as you cannot deny the wild success and popularity that it has endured up until now.

Black Clover is a solid 8/10.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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