Apr 11, 2008
Never seen another anime quite like this one, there are so many surprises thats it's unpredictable but not in a stupid fashion. It has a bit of everything, romance, war, parent/ child love, magic, sword play, memorable funny scenes and mecha, yep thats right, MECHA.

But for those of you who hate mecha anime, dont go just yet, cuase the anime's not heavily based on mecha, but more on the story (you'll understand why mecha was used in the end). The fanstasy land that the story is set is akin to animes such as Full metal alchemist or naurto, a mix of science and medievil theme. Animation is average but enjoyable and some pretty nice music.

It has a cool storyline where you've basically got this princess who everyone hates and is protected by her elite brother sister pair. It keeps you interested becuase you want to know why she is hated and called the "scrapped princess" and the surprises that the story line chucks at you kepted me excited :D.

However, the main heros are your aveage cool brother whos pretty good with a sword and your typical princess who knows she has to die but puts on a brave face and enjoys life to the max but some of the scenes cracked me up big time.

If you enjoyed Full metal alchemist i think you'll find this anime to your taste as both are set in a similar sort of world and both are series yet funny at the same time. Enjoy :D
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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