Mar 28, 2021
Eunhalaa (All reviews)
I'm not usually one to leave a review for anime I've seen, I tend to just personally arrange my thoughts on something and leave it there, but I feel like this was underrated this season. It certainly isn't on par to a lot of big anime, old or new, that may be airing, but I definitely found myself enjoying every episode that had aired.

Following the translation of the name, "Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist," it certainly lives up to it. The diseases for each character were unique, and although they were mysterious, they were superbly weird. The ways to cure the patients were also interesting to watch, and I liked that the items were temporary fixes, whereas the disease itself had to be cured by facing the way it initially occurred. There wasn't really any specific direction for the story, but for this anime, there isn't much need. There are still little touches and connections between episodes, especially in the final episode.

Usually something so strange may end up being something you can't take seriously, but I felt there was a good balance between both in this anime. Shame it's over now, but I definitely enjoyed this a lot and can only hope more people come across this hidden gem.