Mar 28, 2021
Wallanimx (All reviews)
I will absolutely die on the hill that Ramune is a great anime!

Its based around Dr. Ramune who helps treat patients with mysterious diseases. Such as having dumplins for ears, throwing up black sand, and crying condiments. Is that bizarre? Absolutely. Did I shed tears in this anime? Absolutely.

What if there were supernatural phenomeon that involved your body and how you handle stress/pain/obsession? If you won't listen to your own anxiety, maybe crying soy sauce would help you get the message faster? Help you understand what your body and health are screaming at you to realize.

This kind, somehwhat eccentric, and absolutely goes beyond his job description DOCTOR can help you with.

Its a fun, sweet show and I'm very happy I picked it up. The stories are realistic, the characters are fantastic, and the story is just wholesome. I'd absolutely love a season 2, but I doubt that'd be in the cards.

If you just need an anime to unwind and make you feel better, this is for you! <3