Mar 28, 2021
AnshulGoyal (All reviews)
The story was pretty unique but if 10th and 11th episodes could have been aired as 2nd and 3rd episode and some changes in accordance to that have been mad the rating of this show could have improved.
There are still some unanswered questions like why the nail clipper didn't respond to Ramune and the way sounds and design was showed it piqued my curiosity which remained unanswered till the end of the show.
The apprentice and master relationship was really hilarious and I really enjoyed it.
The 112year old grandma concept was also great and the look of perversion on her face were really hilarious and enjoyable.
The ending was quite good and it justifies the way anime ends and I can really call that the anime ended in good sense.
More episodes will be surely welcomed but personally i don't they would have much to offer.