Jul 5, 2011
BeautifulDeath (All reviews)
Alot of people i have talked to, dislike this anime. Some of the reviews i have read, on here and on other sites, are poor.
In my opinion however this was a great anime. I may not be very experienced in anime watching, but i thought that this show had a great story line and great characters. I do wish this show had a bit of a happier way about it, but based on what it did have i think it was a very sad, yet amazing anime.
I would surely watch this again, and reccomend it to people. It may not be the best anime out there, I have seen beter ones, but in my opinion it is no where near the worst and is great!
I gave this anime a 9/10 overal I think i need to see more anime to decide weather or not this is truely a great anime, but so far in my book it is excellent.