Jul 5, 2011
stanleygogo (All reviews)
Even though series like Madoka or Suzumiya Haruhi made a great hit all over the world, one should bearing in mind that JAPANESE ANIME is a products of Japanese Culture, especially in this case.

Shouwa Monogatari is a story about post war Japan's most glorious days in 1964, when Shinkansen started rolling throughout Japan, and Tetsuka Osamu's Astro Boy first broadcasted on TV. If you have read Urasawa Naoki's manga 20th Century Boys, you should familiar with the Shouwa era, though 20th happened in the 70s.

After achieving a remarkable recovery from WWII, Tokyo was going to hold its 1964 Olympic Games and ready to join the group called "developed countries". Sounds similar? Yes, just like what the Chinese done in 2008, although it still claims itself "developing".

The Shouwa Monogatari take a look in the daily life of Yamazaki family, a typical core family - grandma, parents and 3 children - in the Shouwa era. You can see how two generations of Japanese living in the changing times. Like father Youzou - a veteran turned small factory owner - argued with his eldest son Taichi - a engineering university student - over the prospect of the family business while the factory automation is under process in those days.

Fairly speaking, Shouwa Monogatari is something specially presented for Japanese over 50. But it is also a good history guide for the post war Japan, and should help you learn more about Japan.

For those who have been to Japan, you may find some familiar scene in Shouwa Monogatari, like Ginza, Haneda Airport (though foreigner usually use Narita), and something never heard before, like Gatsby CM song (covered in Kimura Takuya's recent CM). For those who never been to Japan, you may still enjoy a great time in discovering the romantic Shouwa era by watching this "Televi Manga", Shouwa Monogatari.