Jul 5, 2011
suki78787 (All reviews)
STORY: The story starts out a little weird, a little funny, and a little cute. As the manga progresses, it stops being cute and funny and becomes increasingly more awkward. This awkwardness comes from the sci-fi twist the story takes on, but does a poor job with. However, the story does have a certain charm to it, so if you're extremely bored and in the mood for an interesting and vaguely enjoyable ride, go ahead and read this. Just be ready to have your patience tried and your intelligence insulted.

ART: The style in which the main character and Kigurumis are drawn seems to differ from that of the rest of the work, with the former being quite acceptable and the latter being quite hideous. While it posses some sort of cute qualities, it's mostly just bad.

CHARACTERS: The main character is your typical kind and gentle push-over. The pink rabbit starts out with a cute and like-able personality, but at one point in the story begins to act differently for a reason that is simply dumb. All of the other characters are hurriedly developed and give you no reason to care for them.

ENJOYMENT: There's just something about this manga that makes it faintly entertaining and quite readable.

OVERALL: Despite the fact that it's got all the elements of a terrible manga, it has something unexplainable going for it. If anything, give it a read for this awkward magnetic quality.