Mar 24, 2021
Hellschwarz (All reviews)
This Manga is currently missing the Horror Tag.

There will be a lot of Gore and creepy stuff. If you are not fine with that, don't read this Manga.

The story is extremely... meh. Sometimes the pacing feels off, but the general Scenario is like this:

Humans can become monsters if they have overwhelming negative Feelings or desires - but don't worry, an organisation with battle-Highschool girls fights them. To the death.

Our protagonist is a huge pervert, who has the power to stop those Slasher Maidens with his perv powers. (Because they can lose controll over their Mementos - stuff that the Kaijin leave behind and give them superpowers - and our Perv does Ecchi stuff to them and they get back to normal.)

Naturally every single character in the Manga is an absoulte Psychopath. But it doesn't really matter, it's all about the gore.

Since there are only 9 chapters out so far, it's not predictable where the story will go exactly. At the moment there is an antagonistic doomsday cult who actually wants the Kaijin to exist and they cause trouble for the Slasher Maidens.

I stil had a good time with this, whoever thought about combining wholesome Ecchi with absolutely gruesome Horror deserves an award. I usually detest Gore, but this seems so surreal, that I can't help but find it funny.

Overall I rate this 6/10.