Jul 3, 2011
ellenmelon13 (All reviews)
Well, today, I was radomly scrolling through looking for an anime that would catch my interest. I came across Piano no Mori thinking, "Oh, I have a piano lesson in two days, maybe it will motivate me to practice." And it sure did. Piano no Mori, although unrealistic and strange at many times, is a very touching and pleasurable story. I think this movie is really a movie made for musicians. As a music LOVER, I saw a lot of myself in these characters. I am a vocalist over a pianist. When I sing, I have fun. It comes naturally. Kai, the young prodigy who can play the broken piano in this forest, is this part of all musicians. The fun. The feeling. The pure PURE feeling of music. On the other hand, Shuuhei is pretty much everything else. The hardwork, the nervousness, the pain... I'll say it. I love the piano, but right now, I stink at it. I listen to Kai play and I think, "Wow, I wanna play like that someday!" But I never want to sit and practice for that long. Shuuhei brought my own goal more into focus. After this movie, I really just wanted to go downstairs and start playing my piano. To get better and better.
To conclude this review, I would reccomend this movie to musicians. Without these factors, the movie was just cute. Nothing special. But for a musician or a musician in the making this movie is beautiful simply beautiful.