Mar 18, 2021
Over the years I have seen the snippets of Keita Kurosaka's work; some may have came across it randomly while exploring, especially the work "Mochibei", which has garnered some notable bewilderment. Kurosaka has a striking style, you know his work when you see it.

To see his style in a fully realized way, through a motion picture, is something I have always wanted to see. Midori-Ko is that achievement, created over the time span of 13 years and over 30,000 drawings.

The trailer sets us up for something ominous already. A girl living in an unnamed place in Toyko in the year 20XX has a fascination with plants, eventually happening upon a "forbidden" hybrid of plant and human named Midori-Ko. Things go wild from there.

The story, while interesting, is hard to parse at times; events happen, but sometimes feel random, as do the characters and such. At 55 minutes, the movie feels quite fast paced at times and out of control.

But this surreal world, with this surreal gloomy soundtrack, with this surreal, breathtaking, scary-at-times artwork is what makes this worth a watch. It is the fact it feels out of control that hooks me. The sheer effort made for this film is incredible, and its style is what carries the film alongside the wonderful score. And with how relatively short it is, it is something that can be rewatched to further attempt to grasp this fascinating, violent, erotic and exotic world without much issue.

I enjoy this immensely, and you probably will too if you enjoy Kurosaka's works or have an affinity for non-standard anime like this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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