Jun 25, 2011
animedork95 (All reviews)
I was surprised to see that most of the reviews for this anime rated it so low! I honestly thought it was a good anime!

Story: 8
The story is very original, the first with a setting and plot like this that I've ever seen. It does get confusing at points, especially near the end, but it really kept me entertained. I think it just needed a few more episodes to develop it more.

Art: 9
I really loved the art, it's just the kind I like ^^ I enjoyed how they made the creepy Midas guy (forgot his name ^^") kind of 3D, though it was a bit weird in the beginning and took some getting used to.

Characters: 8
I like how the main character honestly has no idea what the heck he was doing in the beginning, and how he and his asset interacted. I think there should have been more episodes (once again) so that there would have been better character development, and I would've liked to have seen Masyu and Kimimaro interact with each other more and to have seen more of their battles.

Overall: 8
This was a really entertaining anime. It requires a lot of thought, so if you aren't in the mood for a thinking anime, don't watch it. It has some action, but it's definately not a mainstream battle anime. It's interesting and has some cute little romance going on between the main chara and his asset. The only thing I really have to complain on is the ending. It just cut off. It seemed like a good 30 seconds or so was hacked off of the end. Other than that, I think it was a pretty good anime, and definately worth your time ^^