Jun 25, 2011
Nasty001 (All reviews)
What we have watched is more of a 3 part omake that also serves a teaser for the season 2. It is obvious that the OVA intents to tells us that some supporting characters from the 1st season will either be promoted into a main character or will have a more profound role in the up coming season and it looks like that one of them will have a much more smaller role, aside from that, there will be a new addional character in the anime. As for the original main characters, what can I say; they are still there, except somebody is developing a crush on the muchacho (Ayumu) not only in his household but outside as well

As for the art, I give it a 5 since nothing has change with the way the characters were drawn, the sound is also a 5, since the opening and closing themes are still the same.

Enjoyment and overall a 7.

What can I say it's funny good.