Jun 24, 2011
DarkDendra (All reviews)
So Heart no Kuni no Alice , or as some people call it , Alice in the country of hearts

So personally , this is a probably over used idea for Alice in Wonderland but I believe Quinrose did a pretty good job with this one. This isn't really like all the other Alice in Wonderland mangas we've all seen I believe. Or well , what I've seen really ;;
But this manga is pretty much overall enjoyable with all the funny characters , the plot line , the art , and it's just really fun to enjoy it.

So for the story you basically got Alice talking to her sister and her sister reads her a book about Alice in Wonderland , and we all know where that leads too. Alice sees the white rabbit , but Alice just thinks it's her imagination and goes back to sleep but then suddenly, the rabbit turns into a hot looking guy which makes everyone question the world including Alice. Then it doesn't help much when the guy just throws her down into the rabbit hole and falls down with her. And then they appear in wonderland but this sort of wonderland is very odd seeing how it's all a game and everyone has to play by certain rules. And of course , this game is never really explained so we all have to sit there and think what this game is. Of course though , along the way some parts of the rules are explained a little bit and why some people have faces and others don't but other than that , they still don't explain much of it. We just know that each of the characters that Alice meets that has faces each partake in some role of the game and are important people.

The art of this manga was actually pretty good. Especially when we got to a weird dream world where a person named Nightmare exists at. Sure it was super creative but this is a dream world basically , not all of them are going to be super fancy , rainbow flowers stuff so I really liked how they made the dream world into.

The characters were all very funny and enjoyable. I absolutely adored them all , except for one person. Which is the Mad Hatter Blood Dupre. Sure , people can get angry at me all they want for not like him , but I seriously do not care I did not like him at all. And it frustrates me more that people actually liked him with Alice , and it makes me wonder if people actually see that he is a jackwagon who wants to / kill / Alice when she begins to bore him. And he actually choked her one time too lets not forget that everyone. Even though I did actually like him a little bit in the beginning I still just grew to dislike him. There was just some things about him I really hated and which those who are new to reading this manga , will have to find out yourselves if you ever decide to read the manga. But other then him , all the characters are pretty unique and funny in their own way. Personally , I love how they made the Queen of Hearts. She is completely different from the original Queen of Hearts that we always see so it was a pretty nice change. Then you basically just have all the other characters from Alice in Wonderland in Heart no Kuni no Alice just in human forms. Cheshire the cat , the caterpillar , white rabbit , queen of hearts , etc etc etc.
They are all there , and Quinrose did a good job mixing them all together getting a pretty good decent good story out of it.

Basically though , through out the whole time I was a bit iffy on this manga. Reason being , before this came out to be a manga , it was a dating sims game that many people know of and thats basically how this manga got kind of popular because those who knew of the game , decided to go read the manga and I guess the word got spread around about the manga that way not too all sure about it all. But , you always have to be careful though when it comes to these things when you got a girl with a bunch of men she can be paired up with if you turn it into a manga. You might just piss off so many fans if you pair her up with any of the guys in the manga since in the game you pair her up with anyone and everyone always has the one person they always like that person with. Like with Alice for example , not everyone likes her with Blood , and like her with say , Julius. Quinrose can easily make so many of their fans get angry for pairing her up with Blood in the manga.
Which they sort of did in the end of the manga , they paired her up with someone , which I will not say who , if you want to figure out you'll have to go read the manga.

But overall , the whole story was pretty exciting and good. And I suggest that any lovers of Alice in Wonderland should read this manga , and expect to find a whole lot of fun and enjoyment with it. The whole manga basically doesn't get boring theres always something going on so I'm pretty sure everyone will enjoy it unless your just not a fan of Alice in Wonderland than yea aha ;;

anyway , I hope you all find my review helpful and enjoying thank you for reading c :