Jun 24, 2011
madpimp (All reviews)
To be fair, the art and sound are reasonable. However. those are the only redeeming qualities to this anime.

Before you write this off as a flame because I'm the type who doesn't like complicated stories, I'd like to dispel that idea. I like interesting plots. This anime just didn't have one. I saw someone else compare this anime to the likes of Memento, one of my favorite movies of all time, and that just made me cringe. I feel sorry for Memento.

First of all, even despite the fact that this is a fantasy world (which means I pretty much tried to suspend disbelief whenever I saw something) I couldn't believe any of the things that were happening. Watching this, I kept finding myself thinking "really? WHY would this happen?!"

Secondly, the characters weren't all that likable, so I never found myself rooting for anyone.

Third, while watching you can feel how hard they tried to make this anime original, and it just feels really contrived and forced.

If you're looking for something to waste your time on, there are way more anime that are much more enjoyable than this one. If you're looking for a plot to sink your teeth into, there are tons of anime that really execute plot a lot better. I would not recommend this anime other than as a life-waster.