Feb 27, 2021
,,Each absurd has its own logic"

Despite being merely 6 episodes long this OVA manages to capture what we love about the original series while not getting boring for a single bit. First 4 episodes are a self contained stories that are mainly pandering to the fandom who wants to see cliches from the original series done again but in a higher quality. If you enjoyed the less serious episodes of the original then you'll love what this OVA has in store for you, all main characters appear for at least a few scenes, the plot is just a pretext for puting the main cast in absurd but fun situation and there are few heartwarming scenes for those who enjoyed those. The story never slows down so you'll always be entertained. The last 2 episodes tell an interesting story that'll be enjoyed by those who like the serious side of Ranma (obviously there still many jokes and other comedic elements), the two new characters are mildly interesting, their characters and story works just fine, but what matters most is Akane's miniarc which is simply amazing, this story explores the side of her that's not as prevalent in the main series, and seing her work in order overcome the obstacles makes you feel katharsis at the end of the OVA. Overall plot-wise the entire thing is on par with some of the best episodes from the main series and should be watched by everyone who loves the original series.


Given that it's a short OVA the production is on a really high level, the characters look great and move constantly, most of the fights are really well animated, especially the one in episodes 4-6 where you can really feel the effort put into them. The OVA is also well directed and the entire thing just looks really pretty and is competently made, you can really see the care put into setting this world in motion and making it look as good as it can, both backgrounds and the characters are very detailed, colourful and looking at them is a joy to the eye. There are 3 major new characters and each of them has a great design (my favourite one being Natsume in both of her outfits). The sound design works just fine, there are few interesting tracks but nothing that would stick with me for years, it serves it's purpose well but doesn't impress me in any way, obviously the songs from the OG series are amazing but that's about it.

To sum up, if you love the original series then you should definitely give this one a go, not only will you get to experience fun and interesting stories but you'll also get to see them in a very high quality. You'll get everything that you'll looking for out of it and even more.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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