Feb 26, 2021
LadyAxeFace (All reviews)
Abe-kun's Got Me Now is about the titular Abe, a high school karate champion who's of course ripped, and his aggressive pursuit of his classmate Akari. This is the type of shoujo where the story is ultra thin and flimsy excuse for the fanservice du jour, which in this case seems to be abdominal muscles, and aggressive unwanted seduction.

Why is Abe so into Akari? Because they interacted all of one time. It's that ridiculously flimsy. When it comes to shoujo cliches, it has all the usual suspects lined up too: protecting her from harassers, kabe-don, hiding together in a futon. Even Akari's childhood friend doesn't feel like a real character as much as a device to help enable Abe's pursuit and also make Abe even hunkier by comparison.

It also is really into that type of "forceful seduction" that's straight up non-consensual, but of course it's written to be taken as a fun fantasy where things like consent just get in the way. And that's okay because it's just supposed to be an escapist fantasy and not necessarily realistic. Of course, that only works for some people. Pretty much everyone else will probably rather stay clear of this one. I will at least give it that of other similarly thin shoujo manga out there, I've definitely seen worse. I also found it unintentionally funny for Abe wandering around shirtless at the slightest excuse.