Jun 22, 2011
DrAgNmAsTr (All reviews)
When you watch this, make sure you watch both episodes(or just the 2nd one) because they are very different from each other. The first ep builds up the story with a somewhat(ugly..) animation and the 2nd one is pure H-action with pretty decent animation. I've really thought this was going to end up bad until i saw the 2nd ep which made the H section all better.(since the first one is ugly, it sucks)
Story is poor, she's goes on some mission, gets caught, gets raped, and then gets **** (lets not completely spoil it..), but thats it. There are only two female characters, but only one of them makes it to the 2nd ep. And, the cum is quite yellow..
Now lets see what this includes...
drugging (injections)
loads of cum
tiny bit of piss
internal view (x-ray?)
And some killing.