Jun 22, 2011
darthsait (All reviews)
Ok, this is NTR. just a heads up. That means the main male protagonist has his girlfriend cheating on him. If you dont like things like that, you will hate this series because she is a slut. simple. I personally dont like NTR but the main female protagonist is hot so its easy to get off. lol. yea. i went there. as far as stroy and all that other crap goes, its a hentai. you either care, or you shrug it off.

Story is simple, guy gets reloacated, girlfriend gets lonely, went out to drink with a sempai and ended up sucking his dick. didnt see that coming. he wants more, he gets more, and our poor protagonist gets cheated on. The protagonist has girls throwing themselves at him too, but i dont think he does anything with them in the first episode. meanwhile his girlfriend is getting banged by this other dude in all these diffrent places including a theme park. If i were to rate it, well i dont really care about story but i hate netorare so 1/10. who cares?

Art is great. like is said, its easy to get off. no complaints.

sound? well she sounds sexy moaning if thats what you mean. who listens to opening and ending songs in a hentai?

character...shes a slut, the protagonist is a pussy and oblivious. its netorare. thats normal. if someone tried to do anythjing with my girlfriend id cut of his dick and feed it to him. Protagonist didnt even know his girlfriend was cheating, and if he did, i bet he would just get depressed rather than do anything, tho i might be wrong.

i enjoyed it a bit. the first time watching it, i deleted it from my pc, cause i didnt realize it was netorare. i started thinking about it a bit tho so i re downloaded it and yea, not bad. i dont have patience for characters like the main protagonist so i just stoped caring about their feelings and shit and just watched some porn. it was pretty good. hot stuff.

overall not a bad watch. depends on what your looking for. like i said, if you just want to get off this isnt bad, if you actually care or look forward to netorare, than im just letting you know whats up. its worth a try.