Feb 23, 2021
Rita1Giles (All reviews)
Going into this show I was excited because of the interesting concept that the show is built upon, but after seeing episode after episode, I was honestly disappointed, the show is cluttered with various problems, inconsistencies and very poor characters and unfunny and overdramatic comedy that just fails to put a smile on my face.

This anime tries in ever corner to be funny with the dramatic and quick scenes with its comedy but it really is not funny and I rarely cracked a smile.

The story at first glance sounds interesting but after seeing episode one, it really isn't that much different from your generic overpowered MC story, the only difference is that this show justifies Lloyds strength by where he comes from but it really isn't any different from any other anime with a similar premise because he gains this strength through training within the village of kunlun which again is no different from 95 percent of anime like this one. Not to mention his goal of attending an academy and becoming a soldier really is an over abundance plot line. 5/10

In this animes defence however the art is quite good but it's inconsistent, some episodes it looks great especially in it's fight scenes but in others it just looks weird and unnatural. 6/10

The sound is meh, the OP and ED sounds good enough to not be bad but it again is not much different from any other shows OP and ED 5/10

The characters is what I have the biggest problem with, Llyod is extremely ignorant of his strength compared to others and if he actually had more than 6 braincells he would quickly figure out that he is incredibly strong in the society that he lives in, even though he is selfess and cares for others, it is difficult to like Lloyd because of his attitude, ignorance and how he responds in situations. The belt princess seems to only exist to be Lloyds lover and stalker, the loli grandma agitates me on how arrogant and obnoxious she is to others while also having her creepily over obsessive love for Lloyd. The rest of the characters don't stand out as appealing either. 3/10

The only part of the show that I enjoyed were the ridiculous fight scenes and that is probably the only reason why I am wasting even more of my time watching this show. 4/10

Overall, in my opinion, this anime is bad. It really didn't have much potential to begin with once you watch episode 1, but there were so many aspects of this show that could of been better and improved and I really wished I could of enjoyed other parts of the show, I wished the characters less retarded, ignorant and obnoxious, I wish they executed the story better. You can see that this anime tries its best to be funny and appealing but in the end its all for nothing and the only good thing about this show are the art and the fight scenes. 4/10