Feb 23, 2021
TheLaw1 (All reviews)

This anime was masterclass. So many tense moments and twists and turns which just made it absolutely phenomenal. The 'death note' was a really clever idea by the author, which plays on our morals on what we would do if we had the the death note. Would we use it for good? Or use it to get revenge on those that hurt us? Or Perhaps become the most powerful being.

I personally feel that the idea of being Kira explores ideas of the author who may be trying to say humans do have naturally evil thoughts, and when given the opportunity it is exploited vigorously. The use of Light Yagami being Kira but also working to catch Kira within the police force, explores the idea of perception vs. reality, how we appear to be good and respectable in front of others, but in reality our inner thoughts, desires and motives are quite deadly.

Highlights of the series for me was the continuous battle between Light vs. Ryuzaki. Ryuzaki's relationship with Light was really gold and something gone but never forgotten. The continuous battle of Kira asks some very key questions, what and who is justice? Is justice served by good or evil? Or perhaps evil is the only way to attain justice? The fact that Yagami's dad dies, with his strong sense of justice to catch Kira, could show that justice may have to be achieved through sacrifice instead.

Light Yagami's character also serves to show that humans can never be like a god, no matter how much power we have. The fact he failed to totally eliminate criminals, maybe showing criminals are a necessary factor within society and to show as an example what needs to be served out to those who do wrong. His character shows how far we go for things to go our way, and how crazy we become for things to go to plan and that even geniuses have their own flaws.

The foreshadowing within the show was amazing, those who hold on to the death note never have a happy ending. The apple in death note could signify the Fall of man, and also as a foreshadowing of Light's inevitable destruction.

The reason I did not give this show a 10 was because of how unnatural Near's deductions were and it seemed forced in a way, but despite this death note still produced quality.

FAVOURITE SCENES: Roy Penber, The lady that Yagami forced to commit suicide, The ending, Ryuk's laughs and much more I cannot remember.