Feb 23, 2021
ecat5713 (All reviews)
Have you ever worked so hard, yet fell short due to the lack of talent? This has plagued me for the final year of my junior college, as I embraced myself for the "A" Level exams. In this review, I'm here to tell a tale of bottom-tier ecat, and how this anime somewhat changed my life. I binged this anime a 3 days before my exams. XD

I studied in like one of the shittiest junior college in my country. You could say its bottom 5% of the entire batch who was taking the exam for university. Personally, i believed that(statistically speaking as well) there is a big difference in talent between me, and others from other schools. This have caused me to become very unconfident of myself, and I feel awkward when interacting with people. So, like I've said, the similarities between me and the protagonists in the anime is that we somewhat lack the talent as compared to others. However, I am the one telling myself that it's impossible to do it(Unlike the anime). Since honestly speaking, the competition in Singapore is really tough. The stress given to the protagonists felt real, and it felt like im in a similar situation as them. However, this stress has caused me to isolate myself with most of my classmates, as the entrance rate to local subsidised universities from my school, can be as low as 40%. It's fucked up, I know. I generated this toxic mentality and stayed away from people I know that i deem as the 60%, since it really isnt worth it to interact with them is what i thought, thus I kept my shit to myself most of the time. Though i had some friends where we were supportive of each other, some of us were not successful as well. Education is really a battle royale.

The whole idea of the anime is that "Hardwork does not guarantee success. There are other factors contributing to success, such as Talent and Luck." I've had this friend during the exam year constantly comparing how many past year papers we have done. And honestly I couldn't give a single shit. He did all, while i also selectively did some. Results came out, and i did way better than him. "Hardwork does indeed not guarantee success" Not to be toxic, but there are definitely "talented" people who do not work hard, fail in several aspects in life too.

Runway de Waratte is not some mainstream garbage that always portray unrealistic events, creating a facade where the main characters are always well off in the end due to some power of friendship. The journey of the Ikuto and Chiyuki started off rough, and it only gets rougher. It showed the challenges and how they prevailed them. But their every little success, has flaws in one way or another, which allows them to gain experience and learn from it, and it is really realistic. As they continue to face powerhouses, they were always humble and strive to do their best, regardless of the situation. The charactor developement is very good with the relationship between their family members, their peers in their respective field. Runway de Waratte is in my opinion a better version of Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo, with a better topic, a more fluent story line, and less annoying characters i suppose. Ultimately, Runway de Waratte feels very relevant and relatable especially to me.Back to Runway de Waratte, i'm just like most of the viewers, who does not know a single thing about fashion design, but i would say the anime has given decent insights about the industry too.

Runway de Waratte has impacted heavily in my life. It thought me that no matter how impossible it seems, don't let these rocks block my path, ultimately it is not just others that placed these rocks, it is myself who placed more, causing myself to continuously devalue my life. Thank you for reading i suppose, I just wanted to get this message out there. Hopefully someone reads this, as there is no message that could be sent deserves to go undelivered. Runway de Waratte(as of the anime) ends by beginning a new journey, just like how any journey ends in life.