Feb 22, 2021
Ruben_Contreras (All reviews)
If you can watch this with an open mind and appreciate it for it's artistic and experimental approach, you can enjoy this 30 minute OVA.

Not much of it is animated, but it does have some very beautiful drawings while sometimes using some effects on them. When it does animate it's very pretty, such as the ocean scene, hair blowing in the wind scene, and also where the woman turns into a panther.

The music was actually pretty good in this OVA. I think half the songs I really enjoyed. During the last 8 minutes it really picks up and shows a struggle between humans and the panther humans. There is gore at this point, and the song featured here has great bass playing.

It's pointless to rate this for story and character because there is almost no dialogue in this one or character development. You sort of have to follow along and the still shots and little animation, carried by the music.

I can appreciate the experimental and artistic approach of this OVA. I enjoyed it.