Jun 20, 2011
DangoSage (All reviews)
Let's say you have a drinking problem. Instead of admitting that you have a problem, you blame your drinking because your wife nags at you, or because the devil told you to do it, or some other excuse I could not think of because I do not have drinking problem. (No, I'm not in denial here, I seriously don't have a drinking problem)

Reality distortion

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko deals with characters who distorts reality to their own convenience to escape facing the inconceivable truth. As normal human beings, we usually believe our perception of the worlds within and around us is "true."

The story revolves around Niwa Makoto (who is playing as the youthful man) and his cousin, Touwa Erio (who is playing as the electromagnetic wave woman) living with his aunt Touwa Meme (horny old woman with a 20 year old body. Yes in Japan it is possible without cosmetic surgery) in a small city famous for alien encounters.
Now if you all know me (which I doubt you do) you probably think I picked up this title because it has youthful scent all over it which means a harem is soon to follow.

YES. I wont deny that. Other reasons would be due to Erio hot legs. (No I do not have a leg fetish)

So we follow the journey of Makoto collecting youthful points for god knows what reason (as if you can measure youth) and along the way he meets (as expected) more girls to add to his circle of harem... I mean circle of friends.

Art wise, it's very obvious that you can tell that this is one of SHAFT's handiwork. The dramatic zoom into background objects, character faces, (especially the eyes) I've read a couple of chapters from the light novel and it is clear that the portrayal of the story using the artwork is nicely executed.
The voice cast chosen are befitting for their characters.

Now I can't go into detail about all the characters as I want to avoid spoilers as much as possible. But I would like to stress something on Niwa Makoto.
1) He is a nice guy (Main characteristic a harem male lead)
2) He is a transfer student (Research shows that 4/5 of anime transfer students gets a harem)
3) He doesn't live with his parents (He is independent which means less cockblock)
4) He is not ugly (Have you ever seen an Ugly harem male lead?)
5 His name is Makoto (Reference To the Makoto from SchoolDays. I just hope his balls is still intact when everything is over)

Basically, Makoto here is a personification of everything that is adolescent in anime terms.

His cousin on the other hand (Touwa Erio) plays the fumbling yet lovable character (well I find her lovable because I love girls with blue hair. No I do not have a blue hair fetish) She plays the electromagnetic wave woman in this series (electromagnetic wave woman here means weird, crazy or someone who has an obsessive behavior on an perception) She provides the story for the first arc in the series, Makoto helping her cope from her transition from an 'extraterrestrial being' back to a 'normal' human being.
She is also the main example of a person who is clearly distorting her own reality.
But she may not be in denial? Perhaps it was misinformation?
For example have you ever experience sleep paralysis? People who don't know the term sleep paralysis may think that when this occurred to them, aliens are actually probing them. This is just the way it is when you do not have information on your current circumstance.

Do I find this amusing in any way?
- I find adolescence amusing
-I find eccentric characters amusing
-I find futon wrapped Erio amusing
-I find getting a million youth points for seeing a girl naked wrapped with a bath towel amusing

What I do not find amusing?
- I find incest not amusing
-I find cradle robbers not amusing
-I find cattle mutilation not amusing
-I find no harem in a supposedly capable harem producing anime not amusing

Overall if you're a fan of SHAFT like works (and no I'm not referring to Madoka, damn Madoka fanboys...) then I see no reason why you should not watch this.
I have learn from this anime that sometimes blaming aliens is all what it takes to escape reality. (For those of you who had sleep paralysis, blaming alien is very common)
"The crime rate had risen over the past few years"
-I blame Aliens
"Baby dumping has increased from a decade ago"
-I blame Aliens
"Our job opportunity has been falling recently"
-I blame Aliens
Case in point.

Oh by the way, "Aliens" here DO NOT mean Mexicans. Racist pricks.